Monday, January 13, 2014

Enchanted Hearts got a face lift!!

**NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print with the new cover revision!
Genre: Fantasy Romance Anthology
Authors: Belinda Boring, Kamery Solomon, Lacey Weatherford - Author
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"I find this book utterly amazing!" ~ Brenda Anderson
"Do yourself a favor & grab this book up RIGHT NOW!" ~ Melissa
"This book will definitely be put into my "favorites" to read again and again!" ~ Tabbie


Enchanted Hearts by Belinda Boring

Aithne thought her dreams had come true when Hadrian, a Fae prince, stepped into her life and filled it with wonder . . . that was until her friend, William, declared his love, promising her more than mere moments. Three enchanted hearts . . . two honorable men . . . one important choice . . . an unforgettable Midsummer Night's Festival.

Forever by Kamery Solomon

Raith has never been in love. In fact, he's spent his entire existence as the terror in mortal nightmares. When he enters Emilee's dream, he discovers that his powers do not work on her and she can see him as well. Being Fae he isn't allowed to show himself to a human, but there is something different about Emilee.

Faery Kissed by Lacey Weatherford

Bran has always wanted to try and see the Fae during Midsummer's Eve, when the Earth realm and Faery are blended. What he didn't count on was meeting a beautiful Fae princess who would turn his world completely upside down, wreaking havoc on both his life, his heart, and his future.

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